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Rick started out with toy trains as many people did at a young age. He would do small jobs to earn the money to buy his toy trains. His favorite from a young age was Lionel, as was the case for many growing up and is still to this day. He found a love for pre-war tin plate trains, but most of what he found had been used and neglected and that is where his knack for restoring trains started. 
Rick's love for trains brought him to start Garfield Hobby back in 1995 bringing a love for trains and hobbies to a brand new generation. He started fixing and repairing trains for customers and restoring those long lost pieces that fathers past down to their sons who wanted to pass them down to their kids, keeping the tradition alive that drives our hobby. 
Rick has started using his talents from his early age and has perfected his skill and has turned out some of the best work for bringing these long neglected and forgotten trains back to life, so they are able to last another 100 years. Rick is also an active member of the Train Collectors Association.  So please take some time to look at our gallery and see the work that has been done and if you are interested check out our store and grab a piece of history to bring home and start a tradition of your own. Also, if you have your own tin plate trains that you would like to have restored please send Rick an email to talk about restoration costs.


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